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about eagle bay

Welcome to beautiful Eagle Bay in British Columbia! We are a community of permanent and summer residents who are lucky enough to live in and around the shores of stunning Shuswap Lake.   


Eagle Bay is home to over 550 residents of which just over 250 live here full time.  The rest wish they did but have other homes in all parts of BC and Alberta and come to Eagle Bay as much as they can!   

The area of Eagle Bay runs from McBride point in the west to the end of the forestry road at Cinnemousun Narrows.  Eagle Bay is located in the South Shuswap in Area C and is part of the Columbia Shuswap Regional District (CSRD).  Our Director represents us at the CSRD Board Table and Committees.


Eagle Bay is primarily residential with a few commercial businesses and many home based enterprises.  We pride ourselves in supporting one another and we encourage you to as well.  


We are a close knit community and much of our social activity takes place at our Eagle Bay Community Hall, Eagle Bay Community Church and of course, on the water with access to the lake from Whitehead Road Boat Launch and various public park access points.   We are protected by the Eagle Bay Fire Department.  

To quote local historian Jim Cooperman in his article Shuswap's Multitude of Communities, "Shuswaps



many rural communities continue to thrive a century after they were originally established thanks to strong community spirit and in many cases, a history of cooperation and collaboration.  In some cases, the heirs of the original settlers continue to live in the communities that their grandparents created and amazingly, some of the original community homes and halls still exist and remain in use today.”   



Eagle Bay is proud to be one of the original forty-one communities in the Shuswap. 

Our Neighbourhoods

One of the things that makes Eagle Bay special is that we are made up of many smaller neighbourhoods. When you think of neighbourhoods you may think suburban centres, but a rural neighbourhood is pretty unique. It is where you know your neighbours’ dogs name, you know who has the best recipe for apple pie and who will help you out in a pinch. In other words, what makes our Eagle Bay neighbourhoods special are the people and the way in which we look out for each other.   

As neighbourhoods go, most are defined by roads and geography and sometimes they are named for pioneers or other local gems. Wild Rose Bay is named for, you guessed it, the wild roses that grow along the roads. Ivy Road is named for Basil Ivey a pioneer and Hummingbird we are guessing is named for those delightful tiny birds. 

eagle bay quick facts

From the 2021 Canadian Census

Eagle Bay 2021 Census Snapshot Population .png
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