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things to know

New to the area?  Here is a guide to those services we all need whether summer or permanent residents.

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Road Maintenance

Communications (Mascon, Starlink, Telus)

Garbage, Recycling, Bottle Depot

Public Transportation

Mail Service

So you're in Eagle Bay and you hear these letters CSRD over and over.  What do they stand for and why is the CSRD important to Eagle Bay? 


The Columbia Shuswap Regional District is the municipal authority for Eagle Bay.  Overall, the CSRD has a total population of approximately 50,512 and is made up of six unincorporated electoral areas and four member municipalities - Golden, Revelstoke, Sicamous and Salmon Arm.  


The Regional District is a form of local government that provides a variety of localized services to the electoral areas.  It also provides regional services to the electoral areas and member municipalities, such as the 9-1-1 emergency telephone response service and solid waste management.

The CSRD Board consists of 11 Directors, one each from the municipalities of Sicamous, Revelstoke and Golden, two from Salmon Arm, as well as one each from the six electoral areas.  The Board governs the affairs of the Regional District. 

Our Electoral is Area C and our Director is Marty Gibbons.  

The CSRD owns and maintains most of the parks in Eagle Bay and supports the community through grants in aid.  


Road Maintenance

Roads in Eagle Bay are generally serviced by the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure contractor. 


At this time the Contractor is Aim Roads Inc. 

AIM Roads Inc.

If you wish to contact someone at the Ministry, we are served by the 
Vernon Area Office - 250 503-3664

Forest Service Roads are the jurisdiction Ministry of Forests, Lands, Natural Resource Operations & Rural Development. Concerns regarding these roads can be directed to 1-800-663-7867, or emailed to

Note our roads are NOT serviced by the CSRD.

One of the questions we see most often on the Eagle Bay Community Facebook page is "who is the best Internet provider?".  We can't make that decision for you but we can tell you who services Eagle Bay.  

Telus has installed fibre optic cable throughout some of Eagle Bay.  To determine if you are eligible enter your address here: Telus Fibre Optic

Starlink is broadband satellite service (yup its the Elon Musk service).  You can enter your address on the home page and it will quickly tell you if service is available and the fees.  

Telus provides Smart Hub access to some rural area residents.  Simply enter your address to find out if it is available.    

Road & Communications

Garbage & Recycling

There are two companies who service Eagle Bay for garbage pick up.

Shuswap Envio Solutions offers pick up on Mondays.  You can arrange to have regular pick up or buy bag tags at Eagle Bay Mercantile.


Progressive Waste Management offers pick up on Wednesdays.  They have a monthly subscription service.   

Eagle Bay does not have a pick up recycling program but you are encouraged to sort your trash and take it to one of the local recycling stations.  The closest ones are in Sorrento, Tappen and Salmon Arm.  Follow the link to get exact locations and hours of operation.  Here is a description of what the depots take and how to prepare for disposal.    

Regardless of which service you choose, please be aware that you must put your garbage out in BEAR PROOF containers.  NEVER leave your garbage out overnight and in plastic bags.  This is a rural area and the critters are lazy and are delighted to dine on your leftovers.  

Eagle Bay Bottle Depot

Eagle Bay Community Association offers an easy to use, 24 hour drop off Bottle Depot.  The Bottle Shed is located in the Community Hall parking lot.  This program is very important to the community as funds raised go towards hall programs and maintenance.  

What We Take

pop cans

beer cans

wine & spirit bottles

water bottles

refundable juice containers

wine boxes (with bladders)

milk containers (some restrictions apply)

Many thanks to our hard working volunteers who make this program possible.  

Eagle Bay residents have supported this program for many years and we are so very appreciative!!!



Yes we have bus service to Eagle Bay!  Yes it is only once a week, for now. BC Transit serves Eagle Bay on Thursdays as Route 12.  Click on this link for the most recent schedule.  

Door to Door transportation.  This service is be targeted towards seniors, people with disabilities, people who are unable to drive, and those who do not have a vehicle.  Go to their website for more info. 


Canada Post delivers daily to Eagle Bay.  Our closest post office is at Blind Bay Village Grocer.  Check for hours of operation as the office closes for lunch!

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