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Well, if you have been following the Hall Renovation Project you know that we have had foundation issues and like all good projects, you have to have a great foundation to work with to begin anything worth doing.

Your Board investigated many options to address the major deficiencies in our foundation that if not addressed, would likely result in the loss of our hall. The solution was found in a product called a helical pile which is essentially a giant metal screw that is installed into the ground. Techno Metal Post from Kelowna evaluated our situation and confirmed that their product would well meet our needs.

Beginning Tuesday February 15th, Techno Metal Post will be on sight to install post foundation supports. The work will be completed by Friday February 18th.

Kevin from Techno has advised us that the hall can continue to operate during installation but of course we ask that you be careful in the parking lot as equipment will be operating. Car pool is a great option next week!

The cost of the installation is approximately $15,000.

This post is the first of many as part of our commitment to keep you updated on the Hall Renovation Project.

Did you guess the right answer on our Facebook page?

For more information about helical pile installation and its benefits, please check out or their Facebook page

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